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Engagevu Blog 31 August 2021 updates

Hi I have been posting the blogs via , please check out MOONBOW’s and Ironman Chef Heman’s new Burnt Cheesecakes and the Royal High Tea.

And about AI that I found sticky and that would be these two:

“Flipboard uses AI to classify the articles and videos it’s aggregating and weave them into its main “For You” feed as well as feeds for specific subjects.”

I also found this online with Kiehl’s and that uses AI to detect and to analyse the skin, and give tips on how to improve the skin, and what products to use. Naturally, I didn’t know I had this or that, or what is considered fine and alright, and was glad for the solutions! You will be surprised how accurate the skin reader is.

Truly thought this came out of a movie, but is now real, the Convertible Flying Car.

“Created by Stefan Klein, the AirCar is a convertible flying car that can transform from car to aircraft in just 135 seconds.”

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