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About Sharon Vu

A former Producer-Presenter on Singapore’s leading English Radio station, Class 95FM, Sharon Vu went on to pursue her career in Marketing and Communications in Media and Hospitality.

Currently, Sharon Vu interests are in “Food, Fash, Fitness, Fun (ie fun and passion at your work of choice or recreation or travels/experiences/stays/spa/gastronomy/bar), Flair (arts, culture & entertainment), Finesse, Find (with the talents of Trainers to fill our minds with new and exciting concepts keeping a robust learning network & vibe through books, 2hour/halfday workshops, talks and networking) and Future – into smart bookability connected spaces and lifestyle.

And on training and workshops, you can look at Elab Perspectives Collab via

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You can reach Engagevu via

Director, EngageVu


About Markus Flamman

Mr Markus Flamman who is a Procurement Professional and Partner in Portfolio, and around 2017 for a few years, he was at Cips ( Singapore, as a Branch Committee member before heading back to his home country in Holland, the Netherlands. He is a Senior advisor for Vu Marcoms, a Public Relations and Marketing consultancy, and for the start-ups, Olive and Latte ABS, engagevu and Elab Perspectives Collab.

"Markus Flamman, with his previous years of experience within the banking, Oil & Gas and hospitality industries, brings extensive Media, Digital and Procurement expertise for us to grow our start up together with his consultative advice and approach in the digital economy,  thus enhancing our journey with the client,” says Sharon Vu.

Markus Flamman, who is now in Contracts, was the former Head of Corporate Solutions APAC, who is a key strategist in Procurement.  As a strategic Procurement Head with 15 plus years  of Procurement, Project, Real-Estate & Facility management expertise in Europe and Asia, and with experience in various industries from Banking and Finance, Oil and Gas, Government trade and relations, and Travel Solutions and Hospitality.  Markus has been with companies such as Caltex, RBC, ABN Amro and HRS.

Markus graduated with double degrees both in Law & Organizational behaviour. He is  focused on Team development, Optimizing cost and competitive strategies, raising efficiency, Process Re-engineering Design & Implementing continuous improvement Initiatives, Governance and Risk Reduction. His expertise includes managing and reducing commercial risk & cost in established as well as (semi-) greenfield environments.

Markus has managed teams in various sizes both locally & regionally with a focus on talent management.  Being a passionate thought leader, preaching modern Procurement concepts, Markus has been the speaker at several forums and master classes, including but not limited to APAC CPO forum, ACTE, CTF, EGF Asia and ProcureCon.

Senior Advisor, EngageVu (
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